405 Oak Street

North Aurora, IL 60542 US

(630) 896-6664

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Virtual Office Tour

Waiting Area

Our waiting area is divided into an area for our canine patients, and an area for our feline patients.  Our indoor waiting area is open, airy, inviting, and provides lots of comfortable bench seating.  We also have an airy outdoor waiting area, which provides a nice shady bench seat for most of the year.

Reception Desk

The reception area is positioned in the center of the waiting area, allowing our receptionist to offer warm greetings as you enter the office.  This is the area where our receptionists answer the phones, schedule appointments, check-in and check-out clients, and many more important activities.  Our new reception area includes one Check-in window and two Check-out stations to ensure that we can serve you in a timely manner.

Examination Rooms

We have 6 spacious exam rooms painted in colors to comfort you and you pet.  Each of our exam rooms has a sturdy exam table along with various instruments and supplies to complete a thorough check of your pet’s health.

Treatment Area

The treatment area is the most active part of our hospital.   The treatment area includes 4 treatment tables, as well as 2 treatment bathtubs.  This is where many procedures are performed including pedicures, blood draws, wound repairs, and preparation for surgeries.  It is central to all other work areas in the clinic.

Surgery Suite

The surgery room of our suite is used for all of our surgeries.  The room includes many state-of-the-art technologies, including monitoring equipment, patient-warming equipment and laser technology.  We began using laser technology in 2000 to reduce bleeding during the surgery and pain and swelling for the patient  after the surgery.  Windows allow us to see into the dental room, into the treatment area, and even outdoors.

Food Storage

The food storage area is where our multitude of Prescription Diets are kept.  Prescription Diets have been created for patients whose medical conditions would benefit from diets other than those available commercially.  We stock Hill’s Prescription Diets as well as selected Iams prescription foods.

Digital Imaging Suite

The imaging suite includes our X-ray and ultrasound equipment.  In November of 2009, we upgraded to Digital imaging.  Our images can now be quickly viewed by our doctors and clients.  We also have the technology to send the images to Board-certified radiologists for review in difficult cases.

Dog and Cat Wards

The dog and cat wards are the areas where pets are housed when here for medical or surgical hospitalization.  Our cages are lined with fleece bedding during your pet's stay to ensure their comfort.  The dog and cat wards are separated by a sound barrier wall to keep the stress level lower for our feline patients.

(ICU) Intensive Care Unit

The ICU is located at the west end of our treatment area.  It serves as a central location for the critically ill, or the recovering surgical patient. Its glass wall allows our doctors and staff to keep watch over critically ill or injured pets at all times.  The intensive care unit includes IV pumps, and oxygen delivery capability.


The laboratory area serves various important purposes for our clinic.  We do a large portion of our lab testing in house, allowing us to give you results quickly. Fecal and urine sample analyses are performed daily, and  a good portion of our blood work is done in-house as well, especially in emergency cases where patient samples are processed and evaluated in minutes.  We often use our in-house equipment for pre-surgical blood screening, heartworm testing, and follow-up blood work as well.  For less urgent cases, blood samples are sent out to an excellent reference laboratory which returns results to us in a very prompt manner.


With our recent expansion, we were able to centralize our pharmacy area.  For our convenience, and that of our clients, we stock most medications that are commonly used in veterinary medicine.   These medications range from preventative medications to those needed for treatment of medical cases.

Dental Suite

The dentistry room of our suite is used for routine dental procedures.  Our dentistry room is used for routine cleaning and polishing of our patients' teeth.  Exposure to aerosolized bacteria, created during dental cleaning, is limited to this area of the hospital by use of this space.  This is also the area where extractions of teeth and dental surgeries are performed.We believe dental care is an extremely important part of keeping your pet healthy.